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Online teacher training course MP,

The Online courses have great benefits and advantages.
Online, you can balance work, your family, and your education endeavor.
1. Study at home 
2. No wasting time in dressing up.
3. No time wasted on travel.
4. No money wasted on travelling
5. Learn in ease.
6. Tutors available at anytime of the day and night.
7. Assignments evaluated on a daily basis.
8. Diploma certificate awarded.
9. Easily access lessons anywhere anytime.
10. Do your course on your smart phone.
Frequently Asked Questions 
Can distance learning program be worthwhile 
Ours is the best Montessori training we have world class educators giving Montessori lessons. A learner will be provided with comprehensive and easy accurate lessons. Advisors and instructors, are fully prepared to guide the learnerWhat is the duration of the course?
We give you 1 years time to complete the course, but you can finish as soon as possible. 
What if I need to stop the program for a while?
No hassels. We allow that
How much time will I have to give to the course daily?
1 hour per day.
Subjects Taught
Child psycchology
Introduction to Montessori 
Montessori Philosophy 
Movement and Physical Education 
Practical Life 
* 1. Kindergarten Method (K.G)
* 2. Montessori Method
* 3. Equipment & Apparatus.
* 4. Curriculum Planning
* 5. Child Psychology.
* 6. Steps to start a primary school.
* 7. Circle time
* 8. Admission Form
* 9. Register
* 10. Fee receipt book
* 11. Bio data
* 12. Open House.
* 13. Fire drill.
* 14. Expense & management of K.G
* 15. Stationary.
* 16. All kinds of forms.
* 17. Events.
* 18. Syllabus.
* 19. Curriculum.
* 20. EVS
* 21. Health & nutrition.
* 22. Print Your Own Books.
* 23. Make Your Charts.
* 24. Make Flash Cards.
* 25. Worksheets
* 26. Phonics
* 27. Drawing
* 28. Craft
* 29. Scrap Book
* 30. Rhymes
* 31. Colouring Sheets.
* 32. Workbooks.
* 33. Syllabus for 6 months to 6 yrs.
* 34. Lesson Plans.
* 35. School Diary.
* 36. Table Cards.
* 37. Stories.
* 38. Daily schedule
* 39. How to give interviews.
* 40. Painting with different objects

What are the lessons about?
6 lessons include all the know how to open your own school, be a perfect teacher.
Curriculum planning
Practicals and projects
Manage each and evry sector of teaching
Colour pictures to explain all the art and material
I  have limited computer skills and there is no computer at my home
You can do the course by postal method. Write all your assingment answers and do all the projects in the same book and post/courier it to us
Will I require a sophiticated computer?
Only a simple phone with push email will do, or a pc or nothing is required for correspondence course by post.
Eligibility for doing this course
English fluency. X pass.
My English is not so good.
Good spoken English  is required for getting a job in a good school. 
We also teach you the basics of English speaking.

Distance Course of Pre-primary Teachers Training Diploma Certification Program

Course details
The Idea of Distance Education was started to help everyone be educated in a way so that they are not deterred studies and can continue education from the comfort of their homes even for adult education.
MMT academy is known for its genuineness and trusted by everyone in the world. Our diploma certificates are recognized globally. Through out the world i.e. UK, USA, Africa Asia and Australia. Our Online and onsite courses are world famous.

Why have we started online and distance correspondence and postal courses
Many ladies want to become teachers but they do not have the time to travel, nor do have the time to attend batches as they are held on specific times. They have unending various responsibilities to cater to so it is easy for them to do this course sitting at home.
It saves a lot of time i.e. dress up, wait for the transport, and the reaching the class, this may take anywhere from 1 to 3 hours, so it is more convenient to give those 3 hours to study sitting at home, there fore it is very easy to do courses- online and by post i.e. distance, correspondence.

There is a shortage of teachers who are trained in teaching small kids. 
Any and every qualification is not good enough to teach small children properly. The knowledge of proper preschool teaching methods is important to handle the children effectively.
If children are taught well from the beginning the learn well and grow up to be better adults, therefore a teacher has an important role to play in every child’s behaviour and personality development and how he turns out as an adult.

The best part in online and distance learning is that you can study at your own time, as you will have the text book in your possession. And they can keep it with them to refer to it anytime plus our trainer are always ready 24/7 to help with the study material, any quarries will be tackled instantly by of staff.
Every assignment completed can be sent or the full course can be sent together after completion, distance students will write the answers on sheets of paper or submission book.
Online students will put it in one file and send as they finish each lesson or send it all together.
If students want their progress monitored then each lesson has to be sent separately
Diploma certificate will be awarded after the completion of the course asap.

The fee
1. Pay fee Rs  
  • 16000/- For Regular and Online course in India.
  • 16500/- for postal course in India.
  • 16000/-+2500/- for Gulf, UAE, Far East, Arab Coutries, Middle East.
  • 21500/- UK, USA, Australia, Europe 
As soon as we receive the intimation of your fee payment we send you the course online in countries outside India.

The diploma certificate will be couriered for no extra charge to your country to your address.
Pay course fee by cash/credit/debit card / via Bank Transfer / Western Union.

Distance Course of Preprimary Teachers Training Certification Program
Help & Support 
Support is given by
Yahoo Messenger
Physically visiting the centre

Distance Course of Pre-primary Teachers Training Certification Program
Evaluation of assignments:
Evaluation is done by highly qualified staff. They will also explain the assignment and lessons if required.

The lessons are all emailed together and every step is explained to the candidate.
Start with lesson one, it has practical’s, it teaches the teacher to draw, paint and colour, curriculum, worksheets, flash cards rhymes etc
The other lessons have assignment questions to be completed.

Distance course: 
When all lessons are completed they have to be sent via post, to be evaluated
one year is given to complete the full course, however if the trainee finishes soon it is then accepted for evaluation, if the student takes more than 1 year then they have to pay late fee. The Diploma is couriered to the trainees. 
Even after receiving the Diploma certificate the students will have our help and support.
You can jump-start your future today with our accredited, flexible diploma program that enables you to study when and where it’s best for you. 

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